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Why Invisalign—and why us?

When it comes to your bright smile—the first thing others notice about you—you don’t want to settle for second best. Integrity Invisalign® is head and shoulders above many other providers who devote only a fraction of their practice to clear aligners. Here are just a few reasons why your choice just got a whole lot clearer…

100% dedicated to Invisalign® treatment

It stands to reason: when you do the same thing, day in and day out, you’re bound to be mighty good at it. Our dentists, hygienists and assistants have gone through massive training and refine their skills every single day. So, you know your smile is being transformed by the very best.

A focus on you—your comfort, your convenience

We listen to you and care about you. Our helpful staff is there for you from beginning to end to make sure you are thrilled with the process and the results. We don’t think you’ll find a friendlier group of professionals.

Leading-edge technology you’re unlikely to find elsewhere

Most providers promise to let you preview your new smile in minutes with an in-office 3D scan. We take it a step further. You can download your photo right from our home page and see what lies ahead for you in seconds. And, we also appreciate how busy you are.

That’s why we are among the very few providers who offer a Dental Monitoring option that lets you get feedback on “what to do next” in minutes—without even needing to go to our office.

Authentic Invisalign® materials

There are quite a few copy-cat products on the market. But there is only one Invisalign®. We use only genuine Invisalign products, which is your pathway to the glowing smile you want.

We’ve saved the best for last: deep discounts!

How much of a discount? Around xx% off similar options. Our price is $3,299 with no add-ons and surprises. That’s major! We’ll even work with your insurance company to help you pay less out of pocket.

Meet Dr. Richard Downing

Our founder, Dr. Downing, had an audacious and far-reaching vision: to offer the best Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy in the world at an incredibly fair price. Indeed, as an elite platinum provider, he has succeeded in creating one of the fastest-growing Invisalign practices in the country.

A graduate of the prestigious University of Washington School of Dentistry, Dr. Downing has participated in several highly respected post graduate courses. In addition to his thriving practice, Dr. Downing is a philanthropist who, in conjunction with the Washington Oral Health Foundation and Smile Mobile, has made life a little better for patients in desperate need of dental care unable to afford it.

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