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How To Ensure a Healthy and Clean Mouth While Using Invisalign®

Invisalign® is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional braces when it comes to convenience, but maintaining impeccable oral hygiene is a necessity to get the best result possible.

To keep it simple, we have compiled the top 10 tips to keep your teeth, and clear aligners, clean and looking great throughout your treatment.

1. Rinse Your Clear Aligners Every Time Your Remove Them

While using Invisalign®, you can remove your clear aligners up to two hours a day. Whenever you do, it’s important to give them a quick rinse to remove any saliva and plaque buildup.

2. Brush and Floss After Eating, Every Time

Invisalign® clear aligners are custom made and are form-fitting to your teeth. As a result, food particles can get trapped beneath your aligners and raise your risk for dental issues like cavities. It may seem like a hassle to brush and floss after each meal or snack, but it will go a long way to keeping your teeth healthy throughout your treatment.

3. Brush Your Clear Aligners Gently Each Night, Without Toothpaste

To keep your aligners clear and virtually invisible, clean them gently with your toothbrush each night before bed. Do not use toothpaste or brush too vigorously, as either one can cause damage to your aligners.

4. Soak Your Clear Aligners Often to Prevent Odor and Discoloration

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In addition to daily brushing, soaking your clear aligners will prevent odor and discoloration. We recommend the Invisalign® Cleaning System. Soak aligners for approximately 15 minutes to remove plaque and other buildup.

5. Always Store Your Clear Aligners in Their Case

Invisalign® clear aligners are made with a specialized SmartTrack® material and are designed to resist normal wear and tear. However, leaving your aligners laying unprotected on a table or counter can result in damage or loss. To keep them safe and ensure you always know where to find them, keep your clear aligners in their case when not in use. If you lose your original case or would like a spare, we recommend this aligner case from Invisalign®.

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6. Do Not Eat or Drink Anything Besides Water While Wearing Invisalign®

Many foods and drinks can stain or discolor your clear aligners. To keep them clean and nearly invisible while you wear them, remove your aligners whenever you eat or drink anything besides water.

7. Do Not Soak Your Clear Aligners in Mouthwash or Other Colored Fluids

As with food and drink, mouthwashes or other colored dental fluids can result in stains or other damage to your clear aligners. Besides the Invisalign® Cleaning System, options like a diluted vinegar solution or clear denture cleaning fluid will also ensure your clear aligners are clean and free of bacteria without damaging or discoloring the plastic.

8. Never Use Hot Water When Rinsing Your Clear Aligners

While it may seem like common sense to use hot water while cleaning, Invisalign® clear aligners should always be rinsed using cool water to prevent warping of the plastic.

9. Keep Your Clear Aligners Dry When Not in Use

Dry your clear aligners completely with a soft cloth or towel before storing them. Leftover moisture can create the ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

10. Clean Your Invisalign® Storage Case

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of keeping your mouth and clear aligners as clean as possible. Just as important is to remember to routinely clean your storage case with water and antibacterial soap to prevent any possible bacteria growth. Any bacteria in your case will transfer to your clear aligners and can cause long term damage to your oral health.

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