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Clear teeth straightening at 50% off

Want to see your radiant new smile?

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See for yourself how Invisalign® can transform your smile.

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It’s what we do. It’s ALL we do. And we do it very well.

You want a picture-perfect smile, but you’ve been holding off because you don’t want to spend a year with a mouth full of metal, unsightly wires and brackets.

Welcome to a better way! With Invisalign®, you are fitted with nearly invisible, custom-molded aligners that help correct overbites, underbites, over-crowded teeth and more. As the fastest-growing Invisalign® provider in the country, we’re uniquely positioned to give you a smile you’ll love.


Simple. Convenient. A whole lot more affordable.

Sure, there are plenty of Invisalign® providers. But because of our growth, skill and expertise, we offer benefits that others don’t.

Highly experienced professionals (after all, Invisalign® is all we do). Genuine Invisalign® products. Just one appointment the entire time, thanks to our optional innovative Dental Monitoring solution. And best of all, fantastic prices—50% less expensive than similar options.

The difference is clear. Great smiles begin with Integrity Invisalign.

The dazzling smile you’ve always dreamt about. An incredibly low cost with no add-ons or surprises—just $3,299 (along with a complimentary insurance benefit check). A team of friendly and skilled dentists, hygienists and staff to ensure a successful Invisalign® experience. It’s enough to make you smile (and believe us, when you see how great you look, you WILL).

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Integrity clear braces at 50% off

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